The BA level course in Electronic Music was established in the academic year 2000-2001. The study curriculum aims at providing a wide educational range including both theoretical and practical issues. Classes include electroacoustic music history and aesthetic, psychoacoustic, electroacoustic and computer science, ever holding as ultimate goal that of music creation. Indeed, the development of the student creativity in all of the aspects inherent sound and technology remains the main objective of the Music and New Technologies (MNT) School.

During the course, the focus is on the practical realization of what the student learns in the theoretical classes. The acquired knowledge is always tested and consolidated, both in artistic and technological sense, on the basis of a “learning by doing” approach.
The study curriculum, beside the main theme of musical production by means of the new technologies, includes introductive courses to the employment of sound in interactive and multimedia contexts. These courses are introductive to the main themes of the MA level course.

The potential professional opportunities are those of composer of electronic music, sound designer, programmer of environments for musical performance and sound direction, live performer of electronic music, sound director in theatres. The acquired professional background is also enriched by the introductive courses on the multimedia and interactivity themes previously mentioned.

General information