• Acoustics and psychoacoustics I - II
  • Live electronics
  • Multimodality and interactivity
  • Electroacoustic music analysis
  • Digital sound processing I - II
  • Audiovisual composition I - II
  • Electroacoustic composition I - II
  • Algorithmic composition
  • Sound recording and reproduction I - II - III
  • Musical forms, systems and languages
  • Electroacoustic music performance
  • Sound and music computing I - II - III
  • Multimedia I - II - III
  • History of electroacoustic music


  • Advanced module in video compositing and 3D modelling
  • Physiology and psychology of visual perception
  • Ideas and models for electroacoustic music
  • Ideas and models for narrativity
  • Electroacoustic composition workshop I - II
  • History and aesthetics of contemporary visual arts
  • Video compositing and editing techniques
  • Techniques and aesthetics of multimodal and interactive environments
  • Techniques and aesthetics in website programming
  • Techniques and forms in videomusic composition I - II
  • Interpretation techniques in multimodal and interactive environments
  • Audio and video recording techniques
  • Sonic interaction design
  • Control environments for performing on the web

GENERAL LABORATORIES (Bachelor and Master level)

  • Musical video writing and musical editing informatics
  • Laboratory of audio recording
  • Laboratory of web programming and web design