The School of Music and New Technologies disposes of the following spaces for pedagogy and production:

  • a big Room equipped with multimedia systems for pedagogy and high quality audio monitoring;
  • a smaller Room equipped with multimedia systems for pedagogy;

In the frame of Conservatorio Tartini, the School of Music and New Technologies actually uses and shares also the following spaces for pedagogy and production:

  • a Recording Room with annexed control room equipped with audio mixer and matrix, high quality microphones, audio monitoring systems and workstations for A/V postproduction and real time streaming;
  • a Concert Hall with 150 seats equipped with high quality audio frontal and surround system (10 points), remote control videocameras network for multi-camera video recording and real-time streaming also using the LoLa system, high quality microphones, powerful video projection system on frontal screen (fixed) and multiple screens (mobile), lights system controlled via mixer, mobile control desk, multiple A/V and network terminals suitable for different recording and public event configurations, A/V control room equipped with mixer and workstations for A/V postproduction and real time streaming.

The Concert Hall and the Recording Room communicate via multiple A/V and network connections and can be used simultaneously in conjunction.

This is the equipment available for pedagogy and production activities:

  • workstations based in OsX system (MacBook Pro, iMac, MacPro)
  • analog and digital mixers (Yamaha, Soundcraft, Mackie)
  • several monitors and loudspeakers (Genelec, d&b, ecc.) for listening and monitoring stereo and surround 5.1 systems
  • internal and external audio boards (RME)
  • various controllers (Korg and Icon)
  • mike sets (AKG, Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure), complete of accessory kits
  • sets of sensors (Arduino, TinkerKit, Leap Motion, Kinect);
  • projectors (Panasonic, Epson, BenQ)
  • digital videocameras (Sony Handycam e XDCAM)
  • digital photo-cameras (Sony)
  • photo accessory kits (Ianiro lights, stands and tripods Manfrotto)
  • video converters and monitors (Canopus)

For the recording studio:

  • piano Fazioli F212
  • mike sets (Neumann, AKG, DPA, Shure)
  • mike pre-amps (RME Micstasy)
  • Mixer Soundcraft Si Performer 3 equipped with SI Series Madi Card SC and SI Multidigital Card
  • Apple Mac Pro, esacore, 32GB, SSD 500GB, external Raid 10
  • Steinberg Nuendo 6.5
  • Genelec 8030A
  • LoLa systems

For the Concert Hall (Sala Tartini):

  • PA and recording sound systems:
    • Loudspeakers: E3 d&b Audiotechnik, D12 d&b Audiotechnik, L5 112 FA Linear 5 HK
    • Ampli: E-PAC d&b Audiotechink for E3 and D12
    • Mikes: DPA 4011-TL Stereo Kit, ceiling mounted
    • Mikes pre-ampli: RME Micstasy with Madi Card I64
    • DA converter (for stage monitoring): RME M-16 DA
  • Sound control system:
    • Mixer: 1 Soundcraft Si Performer 3 (fixed booth) with Si Series Madi Card SC, Si Multidigital Card, 1 Soundcraft Si Performer 2 (mobile booth) with Si Series Madi Card SC, Si Multidigital Card, 1 Mackie 1642 VLZ4 (for masterclass, workshop etc. control)
    • Multimedia reader: Denon DBT-1713UDP
    • MADI matrix: 1 SSL MADI-X8
    • Word Clock: 1 Apogee BigBen Studio Clock
    • Monitoring: 2 Genelec 8010APM
    • Audio boards: RME Madiface usb, RME HDSPe-AIO, RME MADI card pci-e
  • Video systems:
    • Cameras: SONY HDR-PJ620 (Full-HD), SONY NEXFS700RH, SONY HXR-IFR5, SONY HDR-PJ620
    • LOLA systems cameras: Ximea, Imperx, Adimec
    • Video projections: EPSON EB-Z9870U ceiling mounted, motorized screen ALUMID 16:9 ceiling mounted
  • Light System:
    • 12 LED COB professional spot lights, fixed on grills
    • Ianiro minispot cod.1200, with variable cone
    • Ianiro varibeam halogen spot 1000w
  • Multimedia cabling under floating floor, walls and ceiling:
    • analog audio (multicore Klotz cables and Klotz stagebox)
    • digital audio (MADI, ADAT)
    • video (BNC and optical fibre)
    • extender A/V ethernet
    • wireless and cabled LAN
    • LOLA systems control (via optical fibre and BNC)
    • cameras with remote control optics and heads
    • power
  • LoLa systems