The MA level course in Audiovisual composition was established in the academic year 2004-2005. The course calls on composers, sound designers, instrumentalists, visual artists and designers that whish to integrate their artistic practice with the opportunities offered by multimedia technologies.

The study curriculum is centred on the most recent disciplines connecting sound, image and gesture in productions of multimedia and virtual environments: sound design, sonic interaction design; video compositing, real time video interaction, 3D modelling; audiovisual composition; web design and web sound design; multimedia production and authoring; design of multimodal and interactive environments; online performance.

Even more than in the BA course, creative and production activities, both individual and team-oriented, find a large space. Often, the teams spring from collaborations among artists and performers coming from different backgrounds.

The professional figures formed by the MA include: composer of audiovisual works (able to realize both the musical and the visual parts); sound designer, video designer and web designer; assistants to multimedia productions; designer of multimodal and interactive installations.

General information