Multimedia show for two actors, three video screens and multichannel electronic music.

    Authors: Marco Parlante, Christopher Burelli, Lorena Cantarut, Damiano Marconi, Ivan Penov, Elisa Leonori, Einike Leppik
    Actors: Laura Antonini, Stefano Bartoli
    Piano: Stanislaw Mazurkiewicz
    Technical direction, light design and A/V direction by prof. Stefano Bonetti and authors.

    Img A selection of the famous short fairy tales by Gianni Rodari is the core of a fine musical and visual intervention entirely conceived and realised by young artists of Tartini’s MNT School.
    Rodari’s fairy tales, always respected in their original form and always perfectly understandable, are musically and visually extended by means of formal and aesthetic strategies which could be surprising in surface, but in fact derive from a deep analysis of the texts perfect and various structures. Rodari not only really describes a fascinating imaginary microcosmos of places, characters and situations, but very often made use or even invented with cristalline purity true narrative archetypes, an aspect that make his tails also extremely musical in themselves.

    The show was premiered during September 20015 at the Teatro Verdi in Pordenone in the frame of the 2015 Pordenone Legge Festival and presented again at La Contrada in Trieste during December of the same year.


    Video-scenography and live video painting for “Histoire de Babar” by F. Poulenc and “Peter and the wolf ” by S. Prokofiev.

    Voice: Laura Antonini
    Piano: Sara Radin
    Video-scenography (Babar): Giacomo Bisaro, Marco Parlante, Nicolò Granieri, Christopher Burelli, Lorena Cantarut e Damiano Marconi
    Video-scenography and live video painting (Peter and the Wolf): Marco Godeas, Federico Mullner, Carlo Marzaroli e Francesco Garbo

    Img “Melologhi fiabeschi” was a project born with the collaboration of the Theatre La Contrada and the Conservatorio Tartini in Trieste.
    It was an event attempting to bring new life to two classical works of the musical repertoire via the intervention of a rich visual setup. The MNT School involved a group of its students together with the Schools of Piano and Musical Pedagogy working on a multimedia extension of “Histoire du Babar” by Francis Poulenc and “Peter and the Wolf” by Sergej Prokofiev; the Theatre La Contrada assured the presence of Laura Antonini, a young promising actress coming from La Contrada Acting School, but with and already solid professional experience.
    The realised video interventions vary from simple video animated illustrations to complex real time video painting on several “frames”.

    The show has been premiered at Orazio Bobbio Theatre in Trieste during May 2015.


    Video-musical performance

    Authors: Ivan Penov, Paolo Girol, Maurizio Goina, Annalisa Metus, Francesca Bergamasco, Tiziano Bole, Andrea Saba
    Sound and video direction by the authors.

    Img “Outside Anomalies I” is a performance created with a continuous counterpoint of music and images: it is the occasion for making a trip dedicated to the nowadays artistic expressiveness, in surprising plot of contemporary astonishing sounds mixed with highly suggestive video images.
    The program includes Deadlock by Ivan Penov, where the exploration of the visual material faces the never-ending man’s identity metamorphosis and the audio materials underline this fluctuating investigation, and Edgeless of the same author, a piece which idea comes from the aim of articulating the temporal observation on different time and space layers.
    Colourless ideas sleep furiously is a piece by Annalisa Metus, a winter fantasy having for subject the naked branches of two lindens ad a chestnut tree. Andrea Saba realised Lezione di Piano, a work in which the exploration of a piano surfaces evolves between photography and pure graphics. L’onda schiva is a piece by Francesca Bergamasco and it is an introspective travel aimed to the research of peace deriving from the abandon of the body to the water and in the water; F. Bergamasco realised also Persona a surreal and melancholic performance of a man filmed on his own or immersed in a crowded square. Tiziano Bole realised Lontano giace il mondo, a night oneiric landscape transformed in a mosaic in continuous movement, rotating around the warmth of a flame, a guitarist and a girl. Sebastian by Paolo Girol, work winner of the first price at MIUR Arts Award in 2006, is a series of “canonic sequences of green hornbeam leaves” where the simplicity of the material becomes an horizon for the appearance of the fragile poetry of the ephemeral. Finally Maurizio Goina’s Divisodue is a complex plot of actions and voices exploring the ego composition/decomposition in a mirror game between the author and his model.

    “Outside Anomalies I” was premiered in October 2011 in Trieste at Magazzino 26 inside the “Porto Vecchio” as a special event of the Biennale Diffusa FVG 2011.


    Video music concert

    Authors: Ivan Penov, Margherita Pevere, Paola Pisani, Fabrizio Fiore, Giacomo Bisaro, Annalisa Metus, Francesca Bergamasco, Tiziano Bole, Alessandro Fogar, Francesco Garbo, Francesco Gavosto, Carlo Marzaroli, Marco Godeas, Federico Mullner
    Sound and video direction by the authors.

    Img Premiered at the Sala Victor de Sabata of Teatro Verdi in Trieste on Monday April 2nd 2012, “Outside Anomalies II” was the show event offered to the participants attending the International Workshop “Introducing Lola”, programmed at Conservatorio Tartini from April 2nd to 4th and dedicated to the low latency A/V real time streaming technology developed by Tartini in collaboration with GARR; this technology allows effective and fully interactive distance music performances.
    The works presented in “Outside Anomalies II” belong to the domaine of pure video-music and, as an homage to the Workshop theme, were elaborated by the young artists around conceptual oppositions such as presence/absence, physical/virtual, “remote interaction/ synchronism”.


    Video music concert with live performances

    Authors: Alberto Caruso, Ivan Penov, Paola Pisani, Edoardo Milani, Fabrizio Fiore, Giacomo Bisaro, Annalisa Metus, Francesca Bergamasco, Alessandro Fogar, Francesco Garbo, Carlo Marzaroli, Marco Godeas, Federico Mullner
    Sound and video direction and live performances by the authors.

    Img The third episode of the series “Outside Anomalies” is a video-music concert including some live performances; it has been presented in July 2013 in the frame of Mittelfest at the “Centrale Idrodinamica” of the “Porto Vecchio” in Trieste.
    The shared creative philosophy of the works is always based on the concept of “audiovisual integrated composition”, where the relationship between music and visuals is always conjugated by means of formal paradigms and strategies acting well beyond a mere illustration synchronism.
    The theme faced this time associates two apparently very far starting points, which instead reveal themselves able to provide a rich spectra of inspirations: from one side some feminine characters represented by archetypal figures coming from different mythologies, from the other side a series of mathematical curves, some having a controlled contour and some others displaying an unpredictable and paradoxical behaviour. We see and listen therefore the sweet Aphrodite mirroring herself in a wonderful rodonee conchoid, the impenetrable Night get lost in a never-ending polygonal spiral, the cruel Cibele, mother-earth and mountain goddess, generating inexorable landscapes via incessant equi-tangential tractrix.


    Video music concert

    Autori: Alberto Caruso, Ivan Penov, Paola Pisani, Giacomo Bisaro, Francesca Bergamasco, Alessandro Fogar, Damiano Marconi
    Sound and video direction by the authors.

    Img “Outside Anomalies IV” is a video-concert presenting an anthology of the previous episodes and adding two new works expressly composed for the occasion. It was premiered in the frame of Festival All Frontiers 2013 at the Teatro Comunale of Gradisca d’Isonzo.

  • sPACES

    Multimedia show for four dancers, real time video and multichannel electronic music

    Authors: Mirella Benes, Maurizio Goina, Ypatios Grigoriadis, David Pirrò, Andrea Saba, Gerriet K. Sharma
    Dancers: Giuliano Guerrini, Valentina Moar, Denny Pawel, Sarah Taylor
    Choreography: Sarah Taylor
    Technical supervisor and light design: Alexandro Majcan

    Img A co-production of MNT School (Conservatorio G.Tartini in Trieste) and the IEM (Insitute of Electronic Music of the University of Music and Performing Arts - Graz).
    With the concept of space serving as an overall theme for the project, six young artists explored the use of dance in interactive video and sound. The collaboration of the six artists from the partner institutions with the four dancers has produced a performance in the form of a collage presenting the artistic ideas and creating subtle links between them. Each artist pursued an individual approach and worked with the dancers for enriching his or her concept of space. The process took place in three 5?day workshops, divided between Graz and Trieste, in which elements of a common language between dance, video and sound have been developed by all project participants.

    The show was premiered at Theater im Palais di Graz in September 2009 and presented again at Teatro Miela in Trieste the following week.


    Multimedia show for two dancers, video and multichannel electronic music

    Authors: Alessandro Fogar, Paolo Girol, Maurizio Goina, David Pirrò
    Dancers: Valentina Moar, Denny Pawel
    Choreography: Sarah Taylor
    Light design: Luca Pozzetto

    Img The idea of “Divisioni del Corpo” arose from some experiments made in the first half of 2006 by student of the Master Degree of MNT School.
    Some parts of a performer face were filmed in close detail while making repeated rhythmical movements, which were sometimes macroscopic and almost deformed and other times minimal and hardly perceivable. With this footage it was mounted a short clip in which the micro-performances were composed in a kind of “mosaic” accordingly to various principles, juxtaposing for examples gradients more and more evident of the action of a certain part of the face or distributing the tessera in order to rebuild with the final figure a profile similar to the part filmed in the basic module, or even creating sketches like improbable flowers or insects. The visual result was always very stimulating and this simple experiment was enough to make it clear how the body, even though observed in such an abstract way, continues always to “speak” with an invincible comunicative strength in every detail, like a sort of universal compendium of all known forms and behaviours.
    Immediate poetical ideas came out spontaneously, varying from situation of minimal video-theatre to others closer to a video-painting style; the musical parts made free use of the enormous palette deriving from body sounds, composed in configurations spacing from monodic singing to electronic real-time transformation of the voice and other sounds produced by the dancers and arriving to real sonic landscape obtained by the investigation of the more unpredictable acoustic resources.

    The show was premiered at Teatro Miela in Trieste during September 2007 and then presented at Centro Candiani in Mestre the following October.